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Nutricient Musang King Durian 猫山王榴莲


FREE DELIVERY ? Only in Penang我们的猫山王榴莲都是经过精挑细选,每个包装每颗都是上等顶级的D197榴莲,真空速冻包装确保了每颗榴莲都保留了它的原汁原味。一定要尝一尝哦包你满意! ?

1box = 400g or premium D197 Musang King Durian. 400g is equivalent to 1.7KG - 1.8KG with shell.

Local distributors & exports agents are welcome !

Delivery service ? is available only in Penang.

Why we produced freezing D197 Musang King ?

3 reasons why Vacuum Freezing D197 Musang King are better durian and why there are so many return customers.

Reason number 1 (FRESHNESS)
Our freezing durians seals in freshness. Quickly processed and freeze within hours, before there has been any deterioration in quality. To ensure that the quality is at the highest quality. We maintain the highest freshness.

Reason number 2 (NUTRITION)
There’s no better known means of preserving in the product you consume than by freezing. Commercial rapid-freezing processes maintain nutritional quality of products without chemical preservatives.

Reason number 3 (QUALITY)
Freezing durian are consistent in quality. Only the best ingredients are used. That’s because of stringent industry quality control procedures that begin on the farm.

Testimonial from one of our value customer. Your Musang King is Very Fresh & Thick flesh, the seed is quite small. Tasted very creamy taste and sweet. Many thanks for providing such a premium quality and great packaging durians as well as delivery service to our doorstep.

Musang King D197 has a thick, golden yellow flesh, a sticky creamy texture with a combination of both bitter and sweet (sometimes even bittersweet) taste. Fleshy pulp and small aborted seeds.



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